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Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

If you are seeking a rustic look in your home, then you should consider installing hand scraped wood flooring. These finely crafted hardwood planks are scraped by hand to provide a pre-worn finish that compliments vintage or antique design styles.

What is Hand Scraped Wood Flooring?

Hand scraped wood flooring gets its name from the process used to make the planks. In the old days, planks of cut wood were scraped by hand to make them smoother. Now, since wooden planks are already cut flat, hand scraping gives them a traditional look that mimics old or reclaimed hardwood flooring. Each plank is manually surfaced by an artisan using a multiple tools of the trade to achieve the desired look and feel of aged, worn flooring.

What are the benefits of hand scraped wood flooring?

Every plank of wood in a hand scraped floor looks like it has a story to tell. Because of the craftsmanship and finish, guests will assume that your floor could be decades old and has developed a rich heritage. For this reason, hand scraped hardwood floors are perfect for anyone refurbishing older or historic homes or seeking an antique interior design style.

Advantages of hand scraped wood flooring.

Since hand scraped flooring is made out of hardwood planks, you get most of the same benefits. The boards are very durable and will last you a lifetime if cared for properly, and they retain their value well. You will also find that hand scraped floors come in varying levels of distressing, and their textured surface lends itself well to disguising dents and scratches, making them a great choice for families with children, pets, and active, rough and tumble lifestyles.

Hand scraped planks are also more cost-effective than purchasing antique or reclaimed wood. This is perfect for anyone who wants the rustic look and feel of older flooring without the expenses of purchasing real antique flooring.

Disadvantages of hand scraped wood floors.

While they can be cheaper than reclaimed wood, hand scraped floors are still more expensive than other flooring types because of the extra work that goes into creating a unique look and feel. Another main disadvantage to hand scraped wood floors is that if they ever need to be refinished, there is a good chance that sanding the floors will take away that beautiful textured patina.

Is hand scraped wood flooring right for me?

If you want your home to have an antique, or casual feel, or you are renovating an older home, then consider installing hand scraped flooring. It is available in the same materials as traditional hardwood flooring with different levels of wear. You’ll be amazed at the difference hand scraped hardwood flooring can make in your home.

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