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Color: Typically available in light (manila/yellow tones) or dark (tannish brown) shades. Colors vary between manufacturers.
Grain: Distinctive grain pattern shows nodes from the bamboo stalks.
Variations Within Species And Grades: Available either horizontally or vertically laminated. Horizontal construction tends to show nodes more prominently.

We do not recommend bamboo as a flooring option; bamboo grass readily absorbs water and is susceptible to damage from water and excessive humidity.

Bamboo flooring is available in limited colors and has proven to be inconsistent in color over time. 

We no longer offer or supply Natural Bamboo flooring due to its limitations.  If you want to achieve the look and feel of Bamboo please contact us for other options.


Hardness/Janka: Bamboo is a grass. Janka values vary widely between various manufacturers & between horizontal & vertical construction.
Dimensional Stability: Engineered construction