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Pine Flooring

Widely used across North America, pine is a classic hardwood chosen for its durability, affordability, and warm welcoming appearance. Pine flooring can withstand decades of use and add a natural look to your home, while still being easy on your wallet and the environment.


pine flooring looks good

Pine Flooring is Pleasing to the Eye

Ranging in color from almost white to deep browns and reds, pinewood easily stains to fit your home’s color scheme. You can top the wood with a stain and urethane to finish the flooring, or use tung oil alone to give the flooring a more traditional warm and inviting look.

Pine wood also often features a prominent grain, pin holes, and knots which will add character and a natural rustic look to the room.


how durable is pine flooring

How Durable is Pine Flooring?

Pine wood offers a high level of durability and will last decades if properly maintained. Since pine is a softer wood, it will acquire dings, dents, and scratches easier than other harder flooring options. Because of this, pine flooring may not be a great fit for areas with a lot of heavy foot traffic.

Periodically refinishing your hardwood pine floors is the best way to ensure that it will last a lifetime.

How often you’ll need to refinish your pine floors all just depends on how much use the flooring gets. In a home with several kids and pets, it’s ideal to refinish pine floors every 8 to 10 years. However, in a home with a few adults, you may only have to do so every 15 to 20 years.

With some general care and maintenance, you can easily make pine flooring durable enough to last a lifetime and still maintain its beauty. In fact, there are homes in the U.S. that still feature their original pine wood floors from more than three centuries ago!


pine flooring is environmentally sustainable

Are Pine floors environmentally sustainable?

Being a softwood, pine grows much faster than other hardwoods typically used for flooring, like oak or hickory. This means that the pine forests can be replenished much easier and faster.

You can even look into using reclaimed pine planks from older homes or buildings. This saves the wood from going to landfills and relieves pressure on forests so they will quickly generate more trees.

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