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Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is a very popular choice in many homes; in fact, it is the most popular choice of hardwood in North America. We highly recommend oak flooring to anyone who wants a popular, easy to manage hardwood floor in their home.


woods used to make oak flooring

Woods used to make oak flooring

Most oak flooring comes from two different species of oak hardwoods: red oak & white oak. Both are very similar in appearance, with a few unique characteristics. You can tell red oak from white oak because red has a slightly pink tone, and white has more of a tan color.

Both red and white oak are resilient, easy to work with, and grown domestically. Because they are abundant and grown domestically, oak flooring is more environmentally friendly and has a lower carbon footprint than exotic woods. Whether you choose hardwood floors made from red or white oaks, they are a breeze to finish to your liking.


red oak vs white oak flooring

Red Oak vs. White Oak Flooring

The type of oak flooring you choose for your home is all down to your personal preference and design choices. Do you like slightly red or tan boards? Do you prefer long rays or short rays? Here are a few key points to consider when deciding between red oak and white oak:


Red oak and white oak are closer in color than you would expect. Upon first glance, red oak has a slightly reddish tone when compared to white oak. However, these differences are hardly noticeable after a stain is applied. Both red and white are naturally very light, so they are relatively easy to stain however you want.


While red and white oak are both oak trees species, they each have a unique grain pattern. White oak planks tend to have longer, thinner grain lines, which give them a more uniform pattern. This makes white oak boards appear straighter than red oak planks, and the thin grains work well on thin and wide hardwood planks.

On the other hand, red oak has a zig-zagging grain pattern that is wider and less uniform compared to white oak planks. Because the grain lines are easier to see on red oak, it gives the boards a more rustic look that goes great with thinner hardwood planks.


why choose oak flooring

Why choose Oak flooring

Oak flooring is a very sought-after flooring. It’s very durable and will last a long time, it’s durable, has a very appealing grain, and stains exceptionally well, giving you a wide range of customized color options.

There are also a few more benefits of oak flooring that stem from its popularity. First, because it is so readily available, prices for oak planks are usually lower than other hardwood species. Second, there are tons of interior design ideas built around this popular flooring option.

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